“Milart Pharmacy in Beverly Hills has been serving the community since 1957. I purchased the pharmacy and Mr. Oleg Piller was instrumental in the transition of ownership. I’ve been extremely pleased with the quality of service and professionalism of the team at Retail Pharmacy Consultants. Oleg Piller and his team did an excellent job in completing all Board of Pharmacy applications and helping us obtain all the necessary licenses and business permits needed to fully operate. It was one of the best experiences I have had working with consultants. I would recommend Oleg Piller and Retail Pharmacy Consultants without hesitation.
To the present day Oleg Piller is still our pharmacy consultant, but most importantly I consider him my friend”.

Arash Ari Levian, Pharm.D.
Milart Pharmacy Inc.
300 S. Beverly Drive Ste 100
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Tel: (310) 553-0225
Fax: (310) 553-8454


“I just opened up my very own independent pharmacy and without the help of my pharmacy consultant Oleg Piller, I would have never been able to be open this quick and easy. Oleg helped me from day 1 with everything from A-Z. With his help, I was able to free up my time to take care of all other related matters. Oleg has the experience, knowledge and is a very well-known consultant. If you didn’t already know, opening up a pharmacy requires a lot of applications, fees, paperwork, and headaches. With Oleg’s help, I was able to obtain my state board license with ease, DEA #, NPI #, and NABP # as well. Oleg took care of all the paperwork, and whenever I asked him for updates he would simply say “relax, I’ll take care of it!” We did all of our communications via phone, internet, fax, and if time permitted in person. Oleg knows what he is doing, works really quick and efficient, and will really be worth the money that you invested. Time is money, so if you want to make big bucks then you need more time. If you invest a little into Oleg so that he can free up your time, then you are already a step ahead of your competition. Feel free to contact me with any further questions regarding Oleg’s services.”

Kevin Q Tran Pharm.D.
TLC Xpress Pharmacy


Oleg helped me to purchase a pharmacy in Oakland in 2007. I have never been in the pharmacy business and was completely unaware of the complexity and quantity of paperwork involved. Oleg was indispensible in completing the State Board applications and otherwise completing the transactions. I highly recommend him and the service he provides.

Christopher Patterson
High Street Pharmacy
4248 MacArthur Blvd
Oakland, CA 94619
T: 510-530-6739 – direct
T: 510-530-1335 – main pharmacy line
F: 510-531-8902 – all faxes


All we have to say about Oleg’s consulting services are the following:
Experienced, knowledgeable, and professional
Easy, committed, and personable
Delivered as promised
Reasonably price for the services rendered
Would definitely recommend to anyone
We are the owners of Orange County Compounding Pharmacy. We opened for business in September, 2012. Oleg helped us with our pharmacy application, licenses, inspections, HD Smith account, and liability insurance. The whole process to open our pharmacy took less than 4 months all because Oleg made it painless and hassle free. We definitely would recommend his services to anyone looking to open any retail, compound, or specialty pharmacy or simply asking for pharmacy consultation. Michael Wu (PIC & Owner) / Tom Wang (Owner)

Orange County Compounding Pharmacy
6865 Alton Parkway, Suite 120
Irvine, CA 92618
Phone (949) 612-6088
Fax (949) 612-6082


“It is my pleasure to work with Mr. Oleg Piller over the last 5 years.  He helped my company with both selling and setting up new pharmacies.  He would take care of things from A thru Z for the application processes from Board of Pharmacy to Medical.  He is very knowledgeable in his field. In addition, Mr. Oleg Piller has a wide range of network and resources that can help answer any questions or help resolve a situation you are facing.  I highly recommend you to use Mr. Oleg  Piller as your consultant. He will help reduce your stress level as you are embarking on a new journey of entrepreneurship.”

S. Pham PharmD.,MBA

Sani Hanh Pham,PharmD.,MBA

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